Commercial Cleaning Services and What Business Can Expect

office facade cleaning

Commercial cleaning consists of a contract of service for a business. Usually, businesses that will contract a cleaning company include the following places:

  • shops
  • high-rise building
  • data centres
  • restaurants
  • office
  • showroom
  • warehouses
  • factories
  • schools
  • medical facilities
  • government facilities
  • airports

Commercial building

Scope of Cleaning

There are various cleaning scope of work depending on the size and focus of the business owners. Generally, it will include internal and general areas for basic janitorial cleaning to deep cleaning for specialized facilities like server room.

General Cleaning

General cleaning includes cleaning of these areas:

  • Floor cleaning
  • Tiles
  • Partition walls
  • Ceilings
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Window cleaning
  • Kitchen
  • Dining areas
  • Telephones
  • Carpets
  • Vacuuming

Specialized Cleaning

There can be addition work required depending on the business nature. Special cleaning for cleanroom and pharmaceutical production area are such place that require very specialise cleaning.

Some company also provide very labour-intensive cleaning. Such includes post construction cleaning, which cleaners will have to clear all the debris, after construction waste items and dust. Not every company can do such kind of heavy cleaning. The employee of the company needs to be strong and healthy to work in such high demand work place.

Integrated Facilities Management

Some cleaning company provide an integrated approach to cleaning. This can be very efficient for building that is currently contracting a list of contractors to do the facility cleaning. With integrated facilities management contract, property owner can manage all services under one contract. This way, the property management just must liaise with one company instead of several contractors. This also makes life easier for contact and accountability.

Such kind of integrated facility management service include the followings:

  • Building cleaning services
  • Waste management service
  • Office space management
  • Pest control
  • Landscaping services
  • Hazardous material handling & disposal
  • Building security

Other services may include:

  • Air-conditioning services
  • Indoor and outdoor air quality control
  • Temperature control
  • Preventive / predictive maintenance
  • Lift maintenance
  • Power system control
  • Fire alarm system maintenance
  • Sprinkler system maintenance
  • Building automation system (BAS)
  • Security & card access

The list can be endless. For large commercial area like the airport can require a new set of cleaning task. The cleaning industry will continue to evolve to include more complex task for the bio and the IT businesses as the world has gone digital.

Hiring a Cleaning Company

For hiring of good cleaning contractors, a business will normally look for a proven track record in the history of the company. Other than the capability, the business may require a large workforce to support the demand. Small cleaning company usually lack the manpower to backup the demand of large organization. Small businesses will demand for best contract rate, which may force small businesses out of the market. The cleaning business is indeed a very challenging business to start in the first place.

Aluminium Metal Grades Explained

Aluminium metal

Aluminium metal is available in many different shapes and grades. The sort of aluminium grade you pick consequently depends on how you plan to make use of the metal. Your planned on use permits you to place the qualities of each grade from greatest to least important. This will assist you narrow down the list of suitable grades. For example, if weldability is most essential to your job, but strength is not, it may make sense to choose Alloy 1100, as this aluminium grade has superb Weldability, but is not usually made use of for high-strength or high-pressure applications.

Retain these 7 factors in your mind next time you pick an aluminium grade. Use the simple reference chart at the end of the post to promptly and effortlessly find the aluminium grade that is suitable for you.aluminium supplies

Is Formability or Workability an important factor?

Alloy 1100 Excellent Formability/ Workability
Alloy 2011 Good Formability/ Workability
Alloy 2024 Good Formability/ Workability
Alloy 3003 Excellent Formability/ Workability
Alloy 5052 Good Formability/ Workability
Alloy 6061 Good Formability/ Workability
Alloy 6063 Good Formability/ Workability
Alloy 7075 Poor Formability/ Workability

Is the Weldability of the Aluminium an important factor?
Alloy 1100 Excellent Weldability
Alloy 2011 Poor Weldability
Alloy 2024 Poor Weldability
Alloy 3003 Excellent Weldability
Alloy 5052 Good Weldability
Alloy 6061 Good Weldability
Alloy 6063 Good Weldability
Alloy 7075 Poor Weldability

Is the Machining of the Aluminium an important factor?

Alloy 1100 Good Machinability (Best if Hard Temper).
Alloy 2011 Excellent Machinability.
Alloy 2024 Fair Machinability (Best in Annealed Condition).
Alloy 3003 Good Machinability.
Alloy 5052 Fair Machinability (Better if Hard Temper).
Alloy 6061 Good Machinability (T4 and T6 Tempers only).
Alloy 6063 Fair Machinability.
Alloy 7075 Fair Machinability (Best in Annealed Condition).

Is Corrosion Resistance of the Aluminium an important factor?

Alloy 1100 Excellent Corrosion Resistance.
Alloy 2011 Poor Corrosion Resistance.
Alloy 2024 Poor Corrosion Resistance.
Alloy 3003 Good Corrosion Resistance.
Alloy 5052 Excellent Corrosion Resistance (Preferred in marine applications).
Alloy 6061 Excellent Corrosion Resistance.
Alloy 6063 Good Corrosion Resistance.
Alloy 7075 Average Corrosion Resistance.

Is Heat Treating of the Aluminium an important factor?

Alloy 1100 Does not respond to Heat Treatment.
Alloy 2011 Can be Heat Treated.
Alloy 2024 Can be Heat Treated.
Alloy 3003 Does not respond to Heat Treatment.
Alloy 5052 Does not respond to Heat Treatment.
Alloy 6061 Can be Heat Treated.
Alloy 6063 Can be Heat Treated.
Alloy 7075 Can be Heat Treated.

Is the Strength of the Aluminium an important factor?

Alloy 1100 Not used for high-strength or high-pressure applications.
Alloy 2011 A high mechanical strength alloy.
Alloy 2024 A high strength aluminium alloy.
Alloy 3003 Medium strength.
Alloy 5052 Medium to high strength alloy.
Alloy 6061 Medium to high strength alloy.
Alloy 6063 Medium strength.
Alloy 7075 A high strength aluminium alloy.

Typical end use applications of Aluminium Grades:

Alloy 1100 Metal Spinning and General Fabrication.
Alloy 2011 General Machining.
Alloy 2024 Aerospace Applications.
Alloy 3003 Food & Chemical Equipment General Fabrication.
Alloy 5052 Marine Applications General Fabrication.
Alloy 6061 Structural Applications General Fabrication.
Alloy 6063 Architectural Applications.
Alloy 7075 Aerospace Applications.

You can find some affordable metal supplies for Aluminium in South East Asia.

Choosing The Right Car Repair Workshop

With the price of car repair increasing, picking the appropriate service centre is essential compared to ever before.

If you are paying several thousands of bucks to have your auto fixed, you had better be certain that every buck you’ve invested was actually fixing your automobile.

Which store is much better? The car dealership? A big service centres? A little independent store? Everyone has its downsides and also positives … Each one is under stress to earn cash in order to make it through … So, every car repair workshop will say that they are the best. On top of that, there are so many car repair centres around to choose from.

Car repair

The dealer has up-to-date analysis tools and also the manufacturing facility with educated service technicians, yet the price of labour, regarding $90 each hr, is not unusual (in addition to the price of car components …).

In big service centre, costs are far better compared to the car dealers, however accessibility of latest diagnostic tools as well as manufacturing facility experienced professionals remain in question …

Small service centre. These stores merely cannot manage the financial investment should purchase or rent the pricey analysis devices or pricey training for their own staff. However, many have very experience mechanics working for them as well. There are many small and specialized workshop that does very specific task on a vehicle or general repair.

Back to the initial concern – ways to pick the ideal service centre? There is no simple answer … First, the workshop as well as repair service location need to be tidy as well as the workshop professionals ought to be well-trained.

There’s always a constant concern: just how truthful are the garage staff members? You may need references from other individuals, that have utilized this car workshop previously, and also you may constantly need to check with the neighbourhood BBB (Better Business Bureau) for issues with this service centre.

If the nature of your cars and truck’s issue has been figured out, and cars and truck does not require any type of additional diagnostic, like if you require just a brake task, you could most likely go to a small workshop. They could do a great work and their costs can be very competitive.

It’s constantly much better to go to the area that has the proper diagnostic tools (not necessarily the automobile supplier) if your vehicle does require an analysis. Most of the vehicles when traveling today have the aboard analysis system. If you have inexpensive scanner (code viewers) that set you back $50 – $80, you could attach this scanner to the connector listed below the guiding column as well as check on-board analysis computer system for supposed “trouble codes.” Refer to the pamphlet that comes with the scanner if scanner reveals any kind of problem codes.

The brochure will certainly offer you a concept, which system is malfunctioning.

Your advantage? If you understand just what system is malfunctioning, as well as the experienced mechanic at the car service centre informs you that something entirely different ought to be dealt with, you understand just what is going on … Also, as an example, if your car mechanic informs you that issue is your oxygen sensing unit. If trouble is not the cord, that attached the sensing unit to the vehicle’s electric system, you could call about, get prices for the component as well as labour, and also select a location to change the sensing unit. If, after repair work is done, your scanner does not reveal the oxygen sensing unit associated difficulty code, the trouble was taken care of!

You could conserve a great deal of cash by doing this! Like we have stated prior to, the affordable scanner (code viewers) is your very first line of defense against high car repair work rates and also deceitful car specialists …

Lastly, the appropriate upkeep will certainly assist to decrease unanticipated fixings, which will certainly conserve your money!

Selecting the Right Car Repair Workshop …

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How You Can Buy Gorgeous Handmade Handbags from Indonesia

handmade handbags

Tips On Buying Handmade Handbags from Indonesia

Cookie-cutter style purses are a superabundant, and also hundreds of them are created in manufacturing facilities as well as marketed in every community. Hand-crafted purses are wonderful, uncommon prizes that any type of lady could be happy of. When a bag is handmade, it is distinct in lots of methods and also mirrors the ability as well as creative thinking of its manufacturer. Numerous females in Indonesia opt to hand-stitch purses to work for their family members. Their bags are perfectly stitched with remarkable styles, however yet they typically have the very same or much better top quality as any kind of factory-made bag.

If you’re simply yearning to possess an intricate – yet uncommon – bag, right here are some excellent suggestions. Allow’s discover just what sorts of Indonesian purses are offered as well as the best ways to select the best one for you.

Seek Practicality

Prior to loving a specific style, make sure the purse will certainly fulfill your day-to-day demands. Do you require the bag for job or play? Do you intend on utilizing it daily or for unique nights out on the community? Take into consideration exactly how lots of things you will certainly require to lug in the bag. Handcrafted purses can be found in a range of forms and also dimensions. They vary from small to huge traveling purses. Some featured shoulder bands while others have hand bands. There are also extremely little makeup service providers for journeys. It depends upon just how as well as where you prepare to utilize it.


Selecting a Design and also Color for Your Handmade Handbag

Handmade purses have a selection of styles and also designs. Needlework is utilized to develop special patterns such as rubies, bent lines, circles, celebrities, and also flower patterns. Indonesian purses are typically artistically identified to share the kind of style as well as shade on the purse. Words present, live, excellent, infinite, recoup, early morning, think, etc mirror the individuality behind the handbag along with the design and also shade. Pick a design that matches numerous of your clothing, or that mixes well with your physique as well as hairdo or shade.

For springtime and also summer season, there are shades such as red, lotion, light blue, or olive. For loss and also winter months, shades such as black, dark brownish, dark blue, and also silver are superb options.

Assist those in Need with Charity Bags

A hand-made bag from Indonesia could likewise be a remarkable shock as a present for Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthday celebrations, or various other events. The purses are budget-friendly as well as trustworthy, and also the exceptional workmanship of Indonesian females makes them extremely preferable in the style globe. Browse the web today to locate that ideal hand-made purse for you!

When acquiring an Indonesian handmade bag is to go shopping for charity bags (or charity bags), an additional alternative to think about. Charity bags are made by those in Indonesia that require the cash for everyday food as well as materials. Some firms in the United States supply to get the purses and also re-sell them to Americans or via the Internet. A couple of business will certainly also educate the employees as well as offer embroidery and also needlework products to collaborate with. One such firm is Laga Handbags (on-line), which aids females that were survivors of the terrible tidal wave of 2006 in Sumatra, Indonesia. The females employees of Indonesia have the ability to find out abilities for a life time while offering a beneficial solution to bag enthusiasts.

When picking a business for hand-made bags, research study online to discover business that supply genuine Indonesian purses, not reproductions. The genuine handmade bags are normally valued from $35 as much as $150, depending upon the design as well as dimension of the bag. Firms must supply thorough details concerning just how as well as where the purses are gotten, as well as where the firm lies. Seek business that are up front concerning their treatments as well as consumer plans.

Digital Marketing Agency In Singapore

Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

Whether you are looking for the best digital marketing agency in Singapore or overseas. looking for the best digital marketing agency is important for businesses anywhere in the world today. It is no longer just the western part of the world that shout out loud about digital marketing. Today in Asia, businesses are slowly doing away with traditional media that still dominate the media scene till now. People are still consuming media through newspaper, TV and radio when you observe the lifestyle of people in Asia. Nevertheless, the younger generation up to those in the early thirties are all about digital media. With such a change, the role of a digital marketing agency is becoming very important for businesses that wants to increase brand equity and improve market share.

Internet marketing

So, what should the best digital marketing agency possess and how do you know if it’s the right one for your business? I guess that depends on your business needs and budget. Some digital marketing agency are charging by millions for marketing campaigns that go across media platforms. Other smaller digital marketing agency work on smaller budget that fit the requirement of an online presence of a small business. Let’s look at the two types of digital marketing agency today. In the end of this article, you should understand and find the best digital marketing agency for your business.

Large Multi-National Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

This kind of digital marketing agency has hundreds of employees that work round the clock to produce pitches to media campaign required by MNC around the world. They handle large international digital media purchase that can cost up to a few million dollars on media budget. This kind of agency are usually found on media news and are popular among the big companies. Majority of local business will not be able to afford the digital marketing service. These large agencies will also have a minimum criteria or budget before consider taking the client.

Example of a few of these top agencies are Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, Ignite Visibility and fishbat Media. Source from

Small to Mid-Size Digital Marketing Agency

There are many small to mid-size digital marketing agency in Singapore that forms the digital marketing agency Singapore community. They serve several small and medium size companies in Singapore. As Singapore is in the heart of South East Asia, many regional countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are working with agencies here. These agencies work with budget from $500 to any amount below 6 figures.

Digital Marketing Agency In Singapore

As many media agencies are not fully on digital media now, there are very few digital marketing agencies still as compared to traditional media agency that are around Asia. Singapore, is known to have more educated individuals and entrepreneur in South East Asia. In recent years, more and more digital marketing agency are born in Singapore, formed by a few individuals most of the time. Within the micro agencies are talented group that specialists in a few specific areas. To find one that has full service across all online platforms are very few and most of them are those large international digital agencies.

Among a few digital media agencies in Singapore, we found one digital media agency in Singapore that is able to provide a One-stop service to businesses in any budget across all media platforms. This digital marketing agency in Singapore is Amazing Web Services. The services include web design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and video marketing. As the company provides so much specialized online marketing services, it is important to know what is needed.

Proper Online Media Planning

With proper online media planning, the digital marketing consultant can share what works the best for your business at every stage of your business. This is what you should find out from a digital marketing agency. If the agency consultant can share with you and help you to understand the benefit and work within your budget, you can grow with them. To learn more about them you can read more here

Travel Insurance For Smart Traveller

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Is for Smart Traveller

Travel insurance can add up your cost of travelling and often seen as unnecessary for budget travellers. However, the question is, are you sure you don’t need it?

Travellers Insurance

Insured Your Travel Period for Unforeseen Event

The question of “What if” something happens may haunt someone when travelling to unfamiliar place. As traveller, you can be facing all kinds of challenges. Some of these may be out of your control. For such reason, it is best consider getting travel insurance. Travel insurance won’t make you safe or healthy, but it can reduce the financial burden should the “What if” occurs.

Travel insurance gives you 24-hour worldwide help during emergencies. These include medical care, legal support, repatriation back to your own country. Without these, you can be looking at very expensive medical cost and other unforeseen financial burden.

How Travel Insurance Gives You Peace of Mind

Travel insurance coverage can cover from loss of gear to flight cancellation. The basic insurance coverage usually covers personal liability and medical cost.

2 Main reasons to Get Travel Insurance

Medical Coverage

Your medical coverage means any expenses incurred while overseas. These medical costs can be for minor check-up or something more serious, that requires special attention. It can also mean repatriation to your home country for further treatment. Therefore, medical coverage is often very high. Your own accident insurance is often not covered while you are overseas. It is important to find out to what extend your own accident insurance coverage is covering you.

Personal Liability Coverage

This kind of insurance protects you from huge financial loss when you accidentally damage anybody’s property or injure someone. For example, you may walk in a luxury private apartment and accidentally knock down a very expensive decoration. It can cost you your whole saving without a travel insurance. On top of that, you may end up also paying legal fee for the law suit. You may say, it is unlikely that I will knock anything down. However, have you thought about any other example? What about damaging something that you rented? For example, your rented car accidentally hit someone or something? There can be hundreds of examples that you cannot be certain of.

There are many other benefits which a travel insurance will cover. A few of these includes cancellation or curtailing coverage. Curtailing mean getting reimbursement of your trip in the if you cut short your trip and make claim for unused part of your travel. Such claim usually includes reimbursement of the cost of accommodation services you booked and reasonable travelling expenses for returning home.

Long Trip Insurance Coverage

What about those that are going to be travelling for a long time. Perhaps he or she is travelling around the world. The common travel insurance feature for such kind usually has common features like the followings:

  1. Get a long-term insurance to cover the number of months you are travelling.
  2. You may opt to but insurance policy while you are overseas. This will give you the flexibility to add coverage as required.
  3. For sporty traveller, you are advised to purchase extensive coverage for dangerous activities like surfing, scuba diving and for other adventure activities.

Looking for the best insurance coverage while travelling can be quite a mission. However, there are many insurance agencies that sells travel insurance online. You can visit one like Insured United, a local insurance agency that provides travel insurance. For online quote and discount, you may check out the web page here

I hope this article helps you be more informed for a decision to buy travel insurance or not.