New Property Launch in 2022

Buying a house is a big decision. The costs in terms of money, time, and effort are tremendous. So, it’s no surprise that people generally approach buying a brand-new house with great caution. After all, a brand-new home can be tricky to navigate. There are a lot of unknowns. Where can you buy it? What are the property taxes? How will it perform as an investment? Will the home be a good investment?

New property launches usually offer tenant-friendly options that appeal both to owner-occupiers and investors. New property launches generally offer brand new homes or apartments in a convenient location. If you are thinking of purchasing a property in the upcoming months? If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed and unsure where to, here are new properties Launching in 2022, especially if you are considering living in Singapore.

Upcoming launch in September 2022 is this Lentor Modern in Lentor Central. This is a ne wplot of land that was bidded by the developer to build an integrated condominium development. It will house 3 towers of 25 Storey, with 605 residential units. The development will also have commercial units for shops, F&B outlets, child care, supermarket and more. The condo development will be linked directly with the new MRT line – Lentor MRT Station. For more details, can checkout the website

There are some notable launches in the recent few years that will T.O.P soon. These are worth considering.

  • One Pearl Bank

One Pearl bak is an iconic building that was once a historical building known as Pearl Bank apartment. It was enbloc and now redesigned to a similar look with a more modern feel. When viewing on it, one who has viewed the old pearl bank apartment will not forget the feel of this area. So many lives has lived here and grew old in at least one to two generation. With the rebuild, many generation will be living here and tell their story. One pearl bank still has many good units with great view of the city as its unblocked and just next to the CBD. For more information, checkout the website

  • Evelyn

Evelyn is a residential development located at 10 Evelyn Road, 309312, in District 11. It is a freehold development, meaning that residents own their homes outright. This development comprises four 5-story condo blocks with a total of 56 units. The unit sizes range from 495 sq. ft. to 1,432 sq.ft., with 1-3 bedrooms. 

  • Brighthill Residences

Moderate High-Density Residential Development in Bukit Merah allows developers to build bigger units, typically 4+ bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms, large outdoor space, and basement car parks (if approved). However, the redevelopment exercise can also be time-consuming and expensive for developers. In some cases, developers may choose to sell 3+ bedroom units to maximize their selling price. 

  • Holland Hill

Holland Hill is a residential development project by Bukit Panjang-based developer CEL comprising three blocks of 12-story residential apartments featuring basement carparks, communal facilities, and a swimming pool on 2.6 acres of land. 

  • 1953

New development proposals are examined by unbiased committees of experts in the planning process, and no two proposals are alike. For the mixed-use 1953 proposed development in Singapore, the committee found the proposal met all the necessary planning requirements. The development was made up of 58 residential units and 14 commercial strata units, with 7 conserved shop houses. The development was to have 6 stories in total, with the proposed height of each story not exceeding 11m or 35 feet.

 Outram Road

The Outram Road Conservation Building is a 4-story conservation building comprising 17 residential units and 2 commercial shops located on the 1st story. The residential portion, with a floor area of 14,600 sqft, is split into 14 units, each with its own toilet and en suite bathroom. The commercial portion, with a floor area of approx 2,700 sqft, comprises 2 shops – a grocery shop and a restaurant – and 2 restaurants (one on each floor). Their toilets and bathrooms are situated in the basement and 1st story, respectively.


The proposal has sparked controversy among the residents of Gilstead and the surrounding area. Three blocks of 5-story residential apartments featuring a basement and attic, communal facilities, and swimming pool would generate about 2500 residents and about 720 jobs.

East Coast

East Coast is a freehold gem in the east, which is located just 25 minutes away from the Central Business District (CBD), and 25 minutes away from Changi Airport. It’s an ideal spot for the busy professional who wants to be close to Singapore’s thriving business district yet enjoys a peaceful oasis due to the close proximity to nature.

The east coast property market is on a roll at the moment. New property launches are popping up everywhere, offering everything from beachside luxury villas to city apartments.

Singapore is an intoxicating mix of Asian traditions, worldly cultures, and modern facilities. With its bustling nightlife, art, cuisine, shopping, green spaces, and wealth of attractions and museums, it appeals to the inquisitive, the curious, and the intrepid. Packed with beautiful locations, the city-state is brimming with life and is surrounded by lush rainforests, picturesque beaches, ancient temples, and iconic skyscrapers. Investing in property is one of the most profitable ways to make money. The property market is very big right now and will continue to grow. Investing in property is a long-term investment and has numerous benefits.

Buying property is always a good allocation of money. It is an investment in the future. In Melbourne, there are a lot of property options that you can choose and invest in. And if you buy early enough, you will get a lot of benefits.

Investing in property will make you financially secure and give you a sense of satisfaction. Buying property makes you feel like you have settled your hard-earned money. And if you plan property investment, you will surely get a good return on investment.

Indonesian Maids in Singapore

Indonesia maid

Many Indonesia women seek for good paying salary and decided to leave home to the nearby country to work as Indonesia maids. One of the most popular destination is Singapore. Singapore being the nearest country and the best currency exchange rate is very attractive to those in poverty seeking for better salary. Many of these women are young and able. Some who are married gave up the time with family and spend their days as maids in Singapore in hope to save up the money for their family.

maid insurance

Indonesia Maids Welfare

There are many laws in Singapore regarding maids’ welfare. One of which is insurance for Indonesia maids. It is a law in Singapore that employers must purchase maid insurance for maids working in Singapore. In recent months, maids’ coverage was reviewed and the regulation is set to make sure that these maids are given enough coverage. There were cases of accidents or unforeseen circumstances which ended up making the maid’s worst off than if they were not working in Singapore. It also gives the immediate family some form of financial assistance in any of this unforeseen circumstance.

Maid Agency Compliance with Regulation

Laws are not only applied to employers but also the agencies. One of which is the money that maids are paying the recruiters to work in Singapore. In the past, some recruiters abuse their authority by charging high amount to poor Indonesia maids in the promise of great future. The government impose a law to cap at a certain amount to stop recruiters from overcharging.

There are an estimated 120,000 Indonesia maids in Singapore. The regulation is set to protect Indonesia maids from being overcharged or getting lesser salary with higher deductions. Those that broke the law on this can risk being imposed a freeze on processing their paperwork. Without these regulation, some maids are paying more than $3,000 said the Association of Employment Agencies in Singapore.

Fair Competition Among Maid Agency

This makes a fairer competition among maid’s agencies and better chance of Indonesia hoping to find employment in Singapore. The competition is not just among Indonesia as there are many other countries like Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar and Malaysia trying to work as domestic helper or maids in Singapore.  All these people will have to go through very strict selection and training before they are qualified to work in Singapore.

Maids From Various Countries in Singapore

In Singapore, there are some stereotypes and preference which makes Filipino, Indonesia and Myanmar more popular choice than others. There is no knowing why, but it seems to be the case. Perhaps it’s due to the ability to communicate or salary difference.

Maid Insurance

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Indonesia Environmental Issues

Indonesia Environment Issue

Ecological Problems in Indonesia

This circumstance of environmental problems in Indonesia intensified with the monetary crisis that hit Asia in 1997. With Indonesia’s government attempting to revive its local enterprises, it allotted its commercial actions guidelines causing firms seeking cheaper however additionally environmentally-damaging means of producing and harvesting.

Unlawful Deforestation Causes Environmental Problems

Accounts on websites of Indonesian forests being unlawfully logged, is among the largest environmental problems in Indonesia; this issue stems from the abundance of Timber and the family member destitution of a lot of Indonesia’s populace, as well as the weakness of legislation enforcement. Logging affects the setting of Indonesia in many various ways, such as flooding and landslides resultant from uncontrolled logging and deforestation. One specific landslide in November 2003 declared the lives of at the very least one-hundred-fifty individuals.

Indonesia forest

On top of that, the environmental troubles in Indonesia was exacerbated with the rough political problem that made ecological defense complicated; it’s government’s lack of clear authority, both regional and also local, added to generating weak regulative organizations.

Air Pollution in Indonesia

An additional unfavorable effect of prohibited logging is connected to a very severe trouble of air pollution in Indonesia. The “melt and lower” technique of prohibited logging magnifies the already high levels of automobile as well as sector exhausts, leading to air contamination and also smoke that impacts its nearby countries. Deforestation is likewise connected to industrial “overflow” that pollutes the supply of water of Indonesia.

It is obvious that Indonesia possesses exceptional as well as important natural atmosphere; the country is the home of the largest coral reef system of the world as well as the globe’s greatest rainfall woodlands too. Its forests features as among the world’s significant “carbon sinks” which implies that it normally sequesters world carbon launches and becomes a very crucial aspect in quiting environment modification. Indonesia’s lawful system would have to improve ecological policies, in addition to its more stringent enforcement to better the current environmental condition it remains in. This could be a huge obstacle for the Indonesian government, but they have currently taken preliminary actions to recuperate as well as conserve its degrading atmosphere.

Ecological of Indonesia Needs Help

The extent of the ecological problems in Indonesia is huge and also has been reported to have a wearing away native environment in all facets, due to an unattended legislation that concentrates on the all-natural resources as well as setting of Indonesia. Although the legislation was enacted, it was not meticulously implemented, causing the nation experiencing an ecological destruction trouble throughout the 1980’s and also 1990’s.

Air contamination as well as water air pollution is perhaps the most significant environmental troubles in Indonesia, which have a chain result on not just its economic climate but its citizens too. It does not just impose price on the Indonesian economy, which gets to about $400 million each year, but it additionally has an extremely severe effect on the health and wellness of its public.